Dr. Mai Huynh is a dual-board certified dentist anesthesiologist with more than 18 years of experience in providing anesthesia.  Because she started her career as a dentist, she has a unique understanding for the needs and concerns of dentists and dental patients.
Having a dentist anesthesiologist on your team can help you achieve:

  • improved access to care
  • increased treatment plan acceptance
  • successful results for patients with a range of special needs
  • in office treatment of patients with medical challenges
  • treating family members rather than referring them out
  • accelerated treatment of complex cases
  • increased profitability
  • practice expansion

Dr Huynh will bring all the necessary anesthesia equipment to safely administer sedation and general anesthesia in your office.   Hospital-grade operating room patient monitors and other supportive equipment will help ensure a high quality of anesthetic care. 

Please call in advance to coordinate appointment times with patients.  A fax of the patient registration questionnaire and medical  history is appreciated at the time of scheduling or one week in advance.  Dr Huynh will call the patients a few days before the appointment to review the health history and discuss the anesthetic.  If you have any questions regarding the patient’s ability to  tolerate the anesthesia due to his/her medical history, please call at least one week in advance to discuss the plan and prerequisites.