Financial Policy

Estimated total anesthesia time is typically total dental treatment time plus 30 minutes.  Please contact Dr. Mai Huynh for specific fee breakdowns.  Please advise the parent/patient that anesthesia fees are separate from the dental fee and are due in full on the day of treatment unless special arrangements have been made in advanced.  
For pediatric patients, sometimes the medical insurance will cover a portion of the anesthesia.   Dr. Huynh always gives the patients a claim form/receipt, with all the necessary medical and dental insurance codes filled out, so they can submit it to their insurance company.   It is  also helpful if you can print out the “medical necessity for GA” letter  (on the Forms section) on your letterhead and have the parent bring it to their child’s pediatrician to sign.  Most medical insurance companies will consider reimbursement if they receive a  recommendation from the primary care physician.